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"Believe and Anything is Possible"

Click below to visit India's 2019 Achievement winning $5000 receiving the Child Model of the Year International award!


About India 


Photography Credits: Dani Geddes, Anna Salek

From the North of the United Kingdom, in the city of Liverpool, Resides a young, talented and determined young girl.
13 Year Old India Sienna Rose Williams, Lives with her mum, dad and siblings attending school and doing everything a normal child enjoys growing up. She enjoys learning and has a large interest in Poetry, Reading and Writing. Creative roots for a driven child who finds everyway she can to express herself, whether it be through a piece of writing or a heartfelt gift a personalised piece of art.

At the age of 5 India took part in a national event, what interested her was the chance to make a difference by fundraising for charity. She stepped into a world unknown, She participated in the "Face of the Globe" event, that was based in London, UK. She had been recently crowned Mini Miss Liverpool and Mini Miss British Empire , and used her place in the international competition as a chance to raise money for the Rainbow Child Foundation. India proudly was crowned Mini Miss England and had the most fun reaching unbelievable targets with her fundraising. Her experience in the event dipped her toes into the Modelling and Fashion Industry, at age 6, proudly holding her memories she decided to take a journey into what being a child model would be about.

She started with frequent travels to London and worked with a number of photographers in the studio gaining experience with the camera, In 2016 Indias images began to appear in Magazines published online based out of the United States. In 2017 India was selected to walk for a British Childrens Designer: Camellia Couture, travel to Paris and participate in the Catwalk events of Oxford Fashion Studio During Paris Fashion Week. 
Runway has always been a different area of modelling, so exploring the stage from the comfort of just the studio was something new and exciting. India gained her confidence on stage and enjoyed walking for the supportive audience of the childrens show. 

In the spring of 2017 India had doors open for some incredible opportunities, she was now travelling worldwide, participating in New York Fashion Week and being able to wear the most astounding child couture gowns of the year.. Soon she was represented by a Uk Talent and Model agency and started working commercially for Argos.

The most exciting part of being a child model is the creative art, but she will always say how she just loves to meet new friends and spend time with new faces. What child can say they have a handful of friends from different points of the world! India continues on her journey and humbles herself with every success. She has been recognised in a number of events, invited to work with world renown photographers, represent high end luxury brands and even work in her acting speciality with Starmaker Management and cast for a first role in a web series in 2018.

India is an editorial model, she works well with others and on her own. She proudly shares her support of her friends within the industry, always complimenting her photographers and agents, she takes every challenge with her personal determination and enthusiasm and always aspires to dream big. 2019 has been an incredible adventure still accumulating air miles as she has been back and forth to the United States and holds forever memories from meeting so many, walking the runway, shooting and of course, being the kid in amongst a busy schedule, having fun and playing with new friends.

She is most proud of her achievements with fundraising, and has raised over £32,000 in the past 3 years. Winning Humanitarian Awards and showing her true caring and heartfelt giving personality to the world.
India is currently agency represented, she continues to work in guidance, workshop and training and she always wants to grow with her knowledge, skill and challenge herself. The work is her work, but in between the art, the fun, the practice and life experience she gains for such a tender age is inspirational.

We thank everyone who have been apart of Indias Journey.










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